Pure Breed Hatching Eggs

Chocolate Chickens offers quality, pure breed hatching eggs from real chickens. The chickens may be different colors, but their eggs are light to dark brown, depending on the breed. We also have a few other special colors we offer.
These are not candy chickens or candy eggs.

We built our flocks on the best foundation stock we could find. While we continue to build, we will offer limited batches of hatching eggs.

Look over our breeds. Feel free to mix and match in egg orders. We will fill those orders as best we can on a first in, first out basis.

We have pure breed pens of French Blue Copper Marans (BBS), Barnevelders, Blue Ameraucanas (BBS), Mottled Java and Bantam Chocolate Orpingtons

Current prices:

Blue Copper Marans $6/egg
or $72/doz

Barnevelders $5/egg
or $60/doz

Blue Ameraucanas (BBS) $3/egg or $36/doz

Mottled Java $2/egg
or $24/doz

Bantam Chocolate Orpingtons email for information

Olive eggers (Marans x Ameraucana)
$1/egg or $12/doz.

We will hatch chicks for you on order and for local pick up only in the Sacramento area. No shipping on chicks.

We wrap carefully and ship (with extras) in the USPS 2 day boxes. Shipping is $12 a dozen usually. It depends on the size of the order and size of shipping box.

Order hatching eggs by email with your list of what you would like. We take payment through PayPal for orders that need to ship. You will receive an email with details of what we can fill that and when you will receive it. You must confirm the order is acceptable prior to our taking payment. We will only take payment on confirmed orders.

Please email us regarding any other quesitons you may have. We will be adding pictures of our flocks as we can.


Dark Chocolate

Black Copper Marans egg
French Blue Copper Marans lay eggs from the darkest to perhaps a shade lighter brown. We have a blue copper rooster over blue copper and black copper hens. These are referred to as a Blue/Black/Splash line of Marans. This breeding will hatch out feather legged, as 25% black, 50% blue and 25% splash. These are pure Wade Jeane lines.

Blue Copper Marans hen
Blue Copper Marans hen

Splash Copper Marans hen
Splash Copper Marans hen

Creme de Menthe

Blue Ameraucana hens
Blue Ameraucana Hens
Blue Ameraucanas lay our pretty pale blue/green Creme de Menthe eggs. We have a splash rooster over black hens to produce 100% blue chicks. They are a Blue/Black/Splash line, so breeding the blue to blue will produde 25% black, 50% blue and 25% splash offspring.
Ameraucana eggs
Blue Ameraucana chicks
Blue Ameraucana chicks


Chocolate Chickens

Bantam Chocolate Orpingtons
Bantam Chocolate Orpingtons
Bantam Chocolate Orpingtons lay a tan colored egg, the chocolate is all in this rare color in chickens.
The chocolate gene was a mutation in England and had to be imported. We are selling young breeding pairs. Email for prices.
Bantam Chocolate Orpington chicks

Milk Chocolate

Barnevelder hen
Barnevelder hen
Barnevelders lay light brown eggs. They are known to be more docile. Ours have beautiful defined lacing. We have both pure vB and KC/vB lines.
Barnevelder eggs

Mottled Java hens
Mottled Java hens
Mottled Java are an ancient breed from China that were nearly extinct. They are beautiful black and white birds and lay a light cream colored egg.

Mottled Java chicks
Mottled Java chicks

Olive Eggers
Our olive eggers are BBS Ameraucana x French Black Copper Marans. They have pea combs like an ameraucana and some have feathered legs from the Marans side. Like most 'mutt' chickens, they are very fertile and robust, laying large olive eggs. These are a great addition to a layer flock, especially if you want a rainbow of colors in your egg basket.